I love to travel, and I love photographing weddings. When the two come together it couldn’t be better for me! I met Dayna and Ember a little over a year ago when they were in town visiting Dayna’s sister and our client Marti. We had a fabulous family portrait session that day. Dayna and Ember were excited about their recent engagement. When they were planning the details of their wedding they thoughtfully asked me if I would be interested in a destination wedding photography gig! I was thrilled to be asked and even more elated when they hired me! So, I packed up my gear, and got on a plane to sunny Los Angeles. The weather cooperated nicely, it was a pleasantly warm day in southern California. The wedding was perfect. The ladies put so many delightful details into the day. A favorite: the neon sign they had made for the day with their names and the date, such a great idea – what a fun thing to have around the house for years to come. Dayna and Ember skillfully incorporated the traditions of their Jewish faith with festive modern twists. I was completely enraptured by their moonlit ceremony, it was absolutely lovely. Please enjoy my favorite images from the day by watching the slideshow.

  • Rick Carter

    Beautiful pictures and the event was even better. Both Candace and I were honored to be present at the wedding. We love you both!