The first time I saw dresses by Sonia the designer for Urchin Redesign in the window of Xtabay, my heart melted. I thought, someone has designed exactly the type of dress that I would want if I were getting married! On top of that, Sonia is a really cool person and an artist in other media as well. The re-use of materials also speaks to my love of saving resources and updated design with vintage flair. Plus, she can take fabric from dresses that you have and redesign them for you, creating something new out of fabrics that have meaning for you personally. I can’t wait to see the unique looks Sonia and Michelle from Spruce come up with the the Eco-Elegant Wedding Show’s fashion show. Urchin Dresses can be found in one of our other favorite spots in Portland, Flutter on N. Mississippi Avenue.
Urchin-Redesign-BridalUrchin-Redesign-Dress-DetailUrchin-Redesign-Wedding-DressUrchin-Wedding-Collection images provided by Sonia Kasparian.