I feel like I’ve know Jeana forever. When she led Basic Rights Oregon over the last several years I photographed many of their events. I’ve seen her speak a number of times, always nodding in agreement with her poignant speeches. We’d see each other at local events and greet each other fondly. But it wasn’t until I visited her and her family in the “Big Purple Barn” that I got to know her as half of the warm, hilarious and down-to-earth couple she and her (now) wife Collin are. We drank pink wine on one of those perfect Portland summer afternoons and decided then and there that I had to photograph their amazing garden wedding to be!









But as the fickle Portland weather would have it, it poured on September 17th this year, and I was called in the morning with the news that they would be moving their wedding. They ended up having their wedding at the warehouse of their catering company / friends – Vibrant Table. I’m happy to say that the location was whipped into shape in a matter of hours and turned into the perfect spot for Jeana & Collin’s fabulous affair. Family & Friends crowded in to celebrate one of their favorite couple’s, legal coupling! It is important to point out the legality of this event since it is something Jeana worked so hard with Basic Rights Oregon to make a reality. Jeana’s not the only mainstay of Portland in this couple, I musn’t forget to mention that Collin is the proprietor of Byways Cafe, a true Portlander’s fave spot for brunch!



The highlight of the day for me? Well, it would have to be the Madonna sing-a-long that occurred in the middle of the wedding ceremony. Oh, and the Cupcake Jones cupcakes of course! A wonderful time was had by all. Congratulations and much love to the McFrazz family!!