Hello friends,

It used to be that when someone said tax time to me my response was BOOOOO. But now I am much happier and more relaxed around tax time. Why? you ask. Well I’ll tell you why. Because I have Jenny and Colleen on my side. Jenny is my fabulous bookkeeper, her company is called On Your Account Bookkeeping and she does a really great job. Get in touch with her for your bookkeeping needs throughout the year: jennyrappe@earthlink.net. She’s thorough, efficient, timely and doesn’t make me feel bad when I am not those things.

Then she hands off my paperwork to Colleen Thompson of Thompson & Associates.

Colleen does a great job getting my taxes done fast and with all of the deductions and calculations done right. This is not something that I can do myself! Colleen also gives me great advice on how I can best “work with” the money I make.

They are a really terrific team. Get in touch, they can help.


P.S. Check out their awesome business portraits!