74_Marywynn_Ryan_0110webI love getting facials! Especially now that I know Marywynn, she is such a fabulous esthetician! My skin has never looks better than it does after a session with Marywynn. I absolutely swear by her eye cream, it’s so great, I truly saw an improvement after two weeks of using it. She just moved into a gorgeous new space in NW Portland. I highly recommend you call to make an appointment with either Marywynn or Vicky (her smashing new side kick!). www.SkinbyMarywynn.com
Interior Design by Jennifer Roos.
Feng Shui by Suzy Driver.

  • http://www.stowyourgear.com Mary Rondthaler

    Yowza! What a beautiful space! I can’t wait to check it out in person (I think I need some of that eye cream Rosemary mentioned…) The design is beautiful, naturally, since it was done by the fabulous Jennifer Roos, and Rosemary, I can feel the positive energy that Suzy brings to each place she touches, even in these pictures! It’s a beautiful testament to each of your superior abilities.

  • Jennifer Roos

    You are a walking advertisement for your service, Marywynn–you are dazzling and Vicki, you are no less so. The space looks great–Congratulations!!!! Can’t wait to get in for a facial. And yes, the eye cream is fabulous.

  • Kate Allen

    The new space is fabulous! I’m very excited for you guys. I’ve been seeing Marywynn for a year and a half, and she has helped my skin so much. She’s a walking encyclopedia of wellness knowledge as well as giving a killer facial.

  • http://www.nancygrantcoaching.com Nancy Grant

    Gorgeous, gorgeous!!! Marywynn is an exceptionally knowledgeable esthetician and lovely woman too. What a beautiful space she’s created with the support of a fantastic team of professionals – Jennifer Roos (Interior Design), Suzy Driver (Feng Shui) & of course Rosemary Ragusa (Photography) to capture it all. I’ve personally worked with all of these talented business professinals and recommend each one 100%.

    I can’t wait for my next (always fabulous) facial, to pick up some of the great Tuel moisturizer, to see this lovely new space, and to meet Vicky. Booking today!