With spring (finally!) in full bloom, the smell of daffodils filling the air and morning birds chirping their little songs to announce each day as a special one, we can’t resist the excitement that our other favorite season is nearly upon us…wedding season! One of the weddings we’re photographing this summer belongs to Paul & Shannon, two of our favorite new clients. You may recognize Paul from his band, Blue Skies for Black Hearts. Paul & Shannon came to us as a referral from a couple of other favorites, Jim Wilburn & Paul Chamlies, friends both personally and professionally who apparently knew how much we’d have in common.

Sure enough, we have lots of fun whenever we get together, the latest being Paul & Shannon’s lovely engagement session. We headed over to the Pearl District first, taking full advantage of the neighborhood, particularly the splendid scenery at Tanner Springs Park (which is quickly climbing the ranks as our favorite urban oasis in all of Portland). They brought along their precious pup to share the spotlight, which made plenty of passersby swoon with cute overload as the dog is simply irresistible and gave Paul & Shannon yet another reason to smile. Afterward, we took a little jaunt downtown to the SW Waterfront, with the river & city skyline providing a perfectly romantic setting to capture the lively loves in the city they call home. It’s afternoons like this one that remind us how great Portland is, not just the gorgeous city itself but also the wonderful people who live and love here.

I’ll be shooting Paul & Shannon’s wedding this August at K&M Winery, a spectacular vineyard nestled into a hillside in the Chehalem Mountains south of Portland. It’s going to make such a stunning backdrop for their big day! It’s been so much fun getting to know Paul & Shannon and we are so thrilled to be a part of their new life together…here’s to wedding season!