Mike, Katie & Jeffrey Young are so excited about little Lucy’s arrival. I joined them at their house about a week after Lucy was born. Mike answered the door a little surprised to see me, we had mixed up our dates and they were expecting me the next morning. The fact that they weren’t prepared made the photos even more candid. Jeffrey was still in his pj’s watching cartoons, hair tousled, he looked so cute! Katie snapped into “get ready quick” mode and came out looking stunning as always. Jeffrey is so curious about this new little being in the house, he is very gentle with his little sister, already the protective older brother. It’s clear that Lucy is going to have a wonderful life with her family. Congratulations!
Here’s a slideshow of the Young Family with the new bundle of joy, Lucy.
If you’d like to see all of the photos from our two most recent photo shoots, go to the galleries.

  • Sally

    What an awesome family you are. God bless you all. Thanks for sharing your lives with us all. Lots of love, laughter and blessings, Aunt Sally