Headshots Are Critical

The secret to a good headshot is that it can convey a wealth of information in a fraction of a second.

People want to connect with people — and not with a faceless company.

What`s the Perfect Headshot?

The perfect headshot is one that literally jumps off the page. And stops people in their tracks.

A good headshot should convey who the person is, and help place a face with a name.

In today`s world, when so many of us work with people across the country and the world, a photo can help cement a relationship and create trust and confidence.

Your best bet is to work with a professional photographer, who can capture the essence of who you are in a visually compelling manner. Here are some tips for those determined “do it yourselfers”.

1. For best results, you`ll want a camera that has a large aperture lens, that allows you to blur the background. I have a 1.4 aperture lens on my Canon 5D that allows me to keep the person in focus, but create a nice blur on the background.

2. Things Growing Out of People`s Heads.

A sure kiss of death is the telephone pole or tree that appears to be growing out of someone`s head. It`s a common mistake with amateur photographers. Pay attention to what is behind the person.

3. Good Lighting.

Good diffuse lighting can help create a compelling image.

The built-in flash on your camera can often be too harsh and directional. It`s better (if possible) to use a flash that you can bounce off of a ceiling or other diffuse reflector to create a less direct light source.

That said, sometimes it`s nice to keep part of a person`s face in shadow – that can create a nice effect.

4. Get Close Enough

When you`re using a headshot for a social media site like Facebook, MySpace or LinkedIn, make sure that the image is shot close enough that you can see the detail in someone`s face.

When the image is sized down to a small thumbnail, a close up on their face is critical. It`s not very helpful to show a tiny image of someone where you can`t see their face.

Need A Great Headshot?

If you need a great headshot, let us know. We love helping to create a dashing image for your professional needs!
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Parts of this article come from the company Customer Paradigm.