As a photographer, my eye is always searching for truth and beauty in individual moments.  Capturing these moments individualizes the fleeting nature of time, turning an instant into something immortal with the particular power of photography to convey an enormity of truth within a single image. Though formally trained as a fine arts photographer, I’ve found my greatest creative fulfillment comes when I’m able to capture a subject in an unrefined space of their own. What seems at first like any old ordinary day can reveal moments of extraordinary significance, and that’s a true thrill for any artist.


Typically I’ll spend the first half hour of our home life portrait session observing events that unfold and photographing them in a casually journalistic style. This not only allows me to really see the family and home with an absence of pressure, but also helps disarm the anxieties of any uneasy family members by creating an atmosphere of comfort and normalcy.  For kids in particular, the playful familiarity of everyday life promises a wealth momentary perfection during which I can blend in as a friend of the family taking random snapshots while in fact capturing something quite incredible.


Reflecting the vast interior substance of an individual subject within the frame of a single portrait is not easy, and family portraits are about collective individuality. Shooting sessions at home with my clients makes this challenge wonderfully attainable, just hanging with the fam while they do their thing: Making dinner together, tending the garden or preparing the backyard for a weekend BBQ, kids engaging their imaginations with the natural props of an impossibly messy playroom, palling around with pets around the house…this is the stuff of greatness!