Oh these lovely ladies! We just have so much fun together. I will be photographing Sarah and Katy get married this summer at the World Forestry Center (Facebook updated their relationship status capabilities just in time, phew). The location of their wedding is particularly cool since both Katy and Sarah work for the US Forest Service.

In preparation for the big day we got together at Sellwood Park for a breakfast picnic / engagement portrait session. We had a blast! First we set the picnic scene for breakfast over a crossword puzzle, in a lush park – everyday activity in most of our lives. Then we frolicked about in the park for some dynamic and beautiful couple portraits. I am so happy for these two, the more I get to know them, the more I can see how perfect they are for each other. I share a special bond with the gals, we both have naughty kitties named Louie.

Congratulations wonder-women! I can’t wait to help you document and celebrate your wedding day.