Cris and I had fun with these portraits, we kept it
playful and short, since she’s not the biggest fan
of having portraits taken. We were happy about
how natural and spunky she looks in them.

I can’t say enough about the wonderful work of
Cris Pera at the Artisan Frame shop in Lake Oswego.
She has done really fantastic work for me and my
clients over the years. When I give her my work to
frame, I simply say, “do with it what you do best”,
and I am always thrilled with the results. She’s so
good a selecting the perfect framing and matting
materials to show off your artwork optimally.
As a business collaborator she offers my clients
a 10% discount when they have my photography
framed at her shop. It’s a sweet deal. She is a
master at her craft, and she truly loves
adding beauty to whatever you bring to her.
When you enter her shop on A Avenue in Lake
Oswego, you’ll be struck by her collection of the
best materials around for beautifully framing any
photography, artwork, or special memento.
Check out the Artisan’s Eco-Friendly options, they’re gorgeous!
Find out more about Cris and the Artisan on her website:

  • Shani

    What an awesome portrait of Cris! Rosemary, you’ve done it again.

  • Nancy Grant

    Cris looks great! Once again… a lovely photograph Rosemary. I totally agree with your perspective on Cris’s shop and the beautiful work she does. She’s a very talented framer & artist.

  • Liz Zenger

    You have really captured the twinkle in Cris’s eye. Well done!