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What's Eco-Friendly Photography?

Posted by Rosemary on November 29th, 2009


So, what’s with all the “greener” photography chatter on my blogs and social media sites? Well, as many of you know I participated in the Eco-Elegant Wedding Show for my wedding photography. When we developed the concept of this show it was to promote and showcase ways in which local businesses run their shops and studios in more sustainable ways. From time to time I will be mentioning various offerings I have in my studio like plywerks and other eco-framing options. I also wanted tell you here the great things I’m doing in my studio and my personal life to reduce the lasting effects I have on our beautiful planet, not just to show off (hee hee) but also to help you come up with thoughtful ways that you too can make small but important changes in what you’re doing at home and work.

Here’s my top 10 list:

1. This is the most important one of all, I shop local. For example, I use local framer Cris Pera, owner of The Artisan frame shop offers many eco-friendly frames in her fabulous shop. This is not only awesome because it helps to build the local economy and community, it reduces the use of packaging and shipping.

2. I support and refer local businesses who are running their shops in a eco-thoughtful way. For example: I have my brochures and signage printed at Negative Perfection in SE Portland. They are a super friendly shop and they have great post-consumer recycled paper options. Also when a client is looking for help in planning their wedding I’ll send them to Emily Michel because I know that she focuses on planning events in an earth friendly way and I know she does a brilliant job.

3. I offer prints, cards, and albums on 100% recycled paper.

4. I drive a gas efficient car, I car pool, and I group together my errands so that I’m not driving all over town unnecessarily.

5. I eat locally grown foods whenever possible, and I’m a vegetarian, yay.

6. I work co-operatively with other local artists, sharing space and resources can have a profound effect on how much each person will use and/or waste.

7. I recycle my tech waste at our wonderful resource Free Geek.

8. I keep my heating and a/c on a timer so that they aren’t running while I’m out I also keep the place comfortably cool and throw on a sweater if I get chilly. I also use compact fluorescent bulbs in my lamps at work and home.

9. I am soon to be member of Greener Photographer an organization that keeps me informed about new and improved ways that I can “green it up” in my business.

10. I use recycled paper and materials in all of my packaging and ship things in the most effective and least impactful way possible.

I hope you find this list helpful. Living in Portland these things may seem old hat, but sharing ideas is a fantastic way to build our community and brainstorm. Please comment here with additional eco-sensible ideas you have incorporated into your life and work.

On July 11th we got to be a part of Michelle and Patrick’s gorgeous wedding at The Grotto the Northeast Portland. Michelle and her bridesmaids all wore vintage dresses which were unique and lovely. The ladies found their dresses at Ray’s Ragtime a fabulous vintage shop in town (just in case you feel like shopping!). Michelle’s dress was from a thrift store… Very Eco-Vintage. Every detail of the wedding was thoughtfully considered and personal.

The reception took place at the Courtyard Marriott North Harbor overlooking the Columbia River. A really beautiful spot, the light was absolutely perfect! Jim Brown and his orchestra provided awesome jazzy tunes. Michelle and Patrick were glowing with happiness on their big day!


Heather and Gabe's Very 80's Wedding

Posted by Rosemary on August 5th, 2009



You know those friends who will do just about anything for you? Example, Heather and Gabe. I had some fun outfits for them to put on and asked them to prance around Portland for me, and low and behold, they did it! It was soooo fun. Here are some of my favorites from our “80′s” Session. Special Thanks to Cara fromAffairs in Bloom for the lovely bouquet and boutonnière. And Michelle Lagos for the amazing hair and make up work, I love it, we told her “think Dynasty” and she really came through! The totally awesome outfit bits were purchased at a couple of cool shops in Portland. Avant Garden on SE Stark and 28th, the 6 on SE Division around 36th Ave.,and the every faithful Goodwill on SE 6th and Stevens.

Check out the Slideshow from our day o’ fun, with music from one of my favorite Portland bands, Sexton Blake!

Hello Kristina & Andrew fans,
I’m still working on the images from Kristina and Andrew’s amazing wedding, but I have a favorite that I wanted to share with you! It’s a little sneak peek, there are many more to come.

Devine Vineyard Wedding at Wine Country Farm in Oregon

Posted by Rosemary on September 10th, 2006

This Saturday, I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Naomi & Brad! It was at the very charming Wine Country Farm Vineyard. It couldn’t have been a nicer day! It was an absolutely perfect setting. Their friends and family were so warm and so happy to be a special part of their glorious day. Brad and Naomi were stunning and they glowed with love. My job allows me to meet so many remarkable people, I just love it! Here are some pages of a custom album I have created to preview the photos from the wedding. Stay tuned, the rest of the photos will be on line September 23rd.