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Meagan & Marty's Classic Winter Wedding

Posted by Rosemary on January 27th, 2009

Meagan and Marty made the journey up to Portland from San Francisco in the middle of our famous Arctic Blast for their wedding in December. As luck would have it the roads were clear by their actual wedding day and all of their favorite people were able to attend. There was so much joy and love in their day! They were simply glowing with happiness. From start to finish things went perfectly. The people were fun, the food was great, and the dancing was lively! What more could you ask for?
Check out this slideshow I made of my favorite images from the day!
If you want to see all the the photos from the day, look at the galleries.

Hello Meagan & Marty Fans!

Posted by Rosemary on January 27th, 2009

Hi guys,
I’m still working on a few things with Meagan & Marty’s images, always striving for perfection! So, I’ve decide to put one of my favorite portraits of the two of them on the blog as a little sneak peek. The rest of the photos will be online by the end of the day. Check back here to see the slideshow!