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Baby Update!

Posted by Rosemary on June 8th, 2009

Caius is here! Brad & Naomi’s beautiful baby boy came along a bit early!

Maternity Portraits – Portland Oregon

Posted by Rosemary on June 4th, 2009

Some of my dearest past wedding clients (turned friends) are having their first baby! Some of you may recognize Naomi from my website and wedding albums. She and Brad are so GORGEOUS… the kid is going to have the most sparkly eyes, great cheek bones and a winning smile (luck devil!). Here are photos that I recently took of the sassy Mrs. Allan at 8 and a half months pregnant. She is the picture of glowing momma beauty. I can’t wait to see their little munchkin when he arrives later this month.
Congratulations Naomi and Brad!
You can see all of the photos we took that day in the gallery, although you’ll have to ask Naomi or Brad for the secret code.