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Guam: Day 7

Posted by Rosemary on April 3rd, 2008

Today was a fun filled day in Guam. It started out a little rocky but improved by about 9 am. We woke up this morning with a list of things we wanted to do, but there was a flat tire! With the aid of Jefferson there was a donut tire put on and we were on our way to the repair shop. First shop: No tire of the correct size, sigh. So we went on to another, as luck would have it they did have our tire and we were soon on our way. We had breakfast at Kings, a local chain much like Denny’s but better, they serve ice cream crepes. Then we were off to the Micronesian

Mall, where we bought black rice soap and many other lovely items. In the afternoon we had a river boat tour of the Talofofo & Ugum Rivers. Ben was a great tour guide. We ate soursop, a fruit here on the island, it was yummy. After our river tour we were off to Talofofo Falls which proved to be a very strange and myterious adventure.

Highlights: pigs, the cutest puppy ever, very cute kids, waterfalls, a haunted house (?) with a spinning tunnel, and perhaps the oddest of all a sexually explicit sculpture garden. The photos will tell you more, please see me personally for a viewing of said sculpture garden photos. Tee hee.

Guam: Days 5 & 6

Posted by Rosemary on April 2nd, 2008

Greetings from Guam. After a smashing water aerobics class first thing in the morning, Diane and I began our daily touristy activities. Here I am in Guam by a little under ground fish viewing tunnel called the Fish Eye.Here are some of the neat looking fish I saw in the Fish Eye!After looking at the fish we went to the only vegetarian restaurant & market called Simply Food. It was a lovely place run by 7th Day Adventists. Later in the day we went to the local public broadcasting station so that I could watch the weekly filming of the show Academic Challenge Bowl, produced and moderated by my friends here. Dinner & drinks on the Lanai.On day 6 we did more water aerobics, then I was left to do my own thing for a few hours. I started out at a tourist shop, I’m sorry, I just love tourist junk. I got a big ol’ frozen coffee drink with chocolate & whipped cream (vacation!), and I was on my way down the main drag of Tumon. Below is a photo of Tumon, it could really be in any city in the US, it’s kind of weird. A big time tourist area. After shopping I took a little swim in the ocean right here, it was nice & refreshing.I saw this guy while I was swimming. Pretty cool eh? This is a Blue Star Fish, it’s not really blue.This is one of the many local wedding chapels, it’s really fun looking, somewhere between a chapel in paradise and a chapel in disney world.Here I sat with a cool beverage and wrote a postcard. It’s in a really big hotel that has a water park in the back yard. Looked pretty fun. If you ever make it to Guam you must try Thai Kitchen, OH MY GOODNESS!!! It’s sooooo good, and the folks there are mighty friendly.
After celebrating pirate Jim’s 60th birthday we went to the Chamorro Village Night Market. It was dark so I wasn’t able to get many photos, but here is a guy with his Coconut Crab on a leash.
I tried a local desert that was like a tapioca and coconut tamale, called Apigigi, I think. Shoot, I’ll tell you more later.

Guam: Days 3 & 4

Posted by Rosemary on March 31st, 2008

Hearts from Guam! This is Debra, a masage therapist & yoga intructor on the island, it’s almost her birthday, so this is a pre-birthday photo. Here chinese zodiac sign is Rat.
Another Guam local, this is Go Go Boots or as he is also known the Weadle. He complains a lot for a cat with a wonderful view.Yesterday, I had breakfast in a place called Michelle’s Coffee Shop, which is actually more of a Chinese food restaurant, I had a veggie omlet and some garlic rice, a nice combo really. I was then kissed by Senator Tina Muna Barnes, which was a very nice welcome to the island I must say. Then I went to an island bbq for a little while. After that I hung out for a few hours on Asan Beach. Which is also a WWII memorial park.
I found these lovely blue clay stones on the beach.In the evening we went to Jeff’s Pirate Cove for a few drinks and some delicious fries, yum. Today… well today I stayed inside for most of the day because the sun is causing my lily white Portland, OR complexion some trouble. All was not lost, I did get to have fondue for lunch!

Jefferson and I managed to catch some sunset on the beach at a lil beach bar called Jimmy Dee’s Beach Bar in Agana Bay. Jimmy Dee is the Don Ho of Guam, so I am told. I didn’t get to meet Jimmy Dee, but I have met “Pirate” Jeff. Hopefully all rashiness will be gone by tomorrow and I’ll have more to report.

Guam: Day 2

Posted by Rosemary on March 29th, 2008

Hi all,
Still having a wonderful time in Guam. Learning all about Chamorro culture & history; seeing amazing places. Lots of fun to be had here. There are several wedding chapels on the island… Maybe it would be a nice place for my next destination wedding. Anyone interested!? Check out the snazzy photos I got today. Notes of interest: Look at the Bear Rock photo, it looks a lot like a bear profile, doncha thing? And, look at that huge spider hanging above the little cluster of pink flowers. The place in the photo of the beach with my feet in the shot is where I had a lovely swim with lots of sea cucumbers. The shell on the blue chair still had an inhabitant. It’s kind of hard to see but in the photo above the sea shell photo there is a white mug that has washed ashore. We’re going to return there for some snorkelling later in the week. Underwater photos will be a must.
More soon.

Hey! I'm in Guam!

Posted by Rosemary on March 28th, 2008

Hello everyone! I made it to Guam after many hours of travelling. And here’s photographic evidence.

Sunrise view from my friends house! Not bad, eh?

Some local
jungle flowers.

Island Wildlife.

Diane & Jefferson, My wonderful hosts.

An afternoon trip to Ritidian Point.

And then a lovely sunset. Not a bad first day in Guam!
Stay tuned for more photos from the other side of the world.
Hafa Adai.