Daniel Iversen’s amazing Portland Boot Camp for Women, a rigorous, no-nonsense, wildly effective workout program for ladies of all ages, sizes, shapes and experience levels. I’m not the only one who’s had major success at Bootcamp; the amazing Daryn White (pictured here) has lost a whopping 80 pounds thanks to Daniel’s intensive early morning trainings and by sticking to an appropriate diet. The results for all of us Boot Campers have been unilaterally great, with Daryn in particular standing out as one of the year’s greatest success stories. Just look at her! Thanks to the supportive, encouraging and completely non-judgmental environment nurtured by Daniel and his Boot Camp endeavors, we’ve all been able to let go of our fitness hang-ups and truly go for it. I personally have more energy all day long than ever before, despite rising at the crack of dawn (sometimes even an hour or two beforehand!) to whip my butt into shape. For more info on how Daniel runs his fantastic boot camp, check out How It Works. Thanks for whipping us into shape, Daniel!