I am Rosemary Ragusa, a fine art photographer specializing in home life portrait photography—in Portland, Oregon, and worldwide.

My Mission
My mission is to help individuals and families capture the memories of their lives with inspiring photography, and then displaying those works in creative and unique ways. I believe great family photography is the most important thing you can have to help you remember how you felt during the most cherished times in your life.

My Background
As a kid I always wanted a camera in my hand. My very first subjects were my beloved cats! In my teenage years, I moved on to photographing some of my favorite bands in the Washington, DC area. After moving out west, I earned a degree in Fine Art Photography in San Francisco, moved to Portland, and started Mon Amour Photography (now Rosemary Ragusa Photography) in 2004.

With a background in fine art photography and a passion for the stop-action photos favored by photojournalists, I bring a unique perspective to portrait sessions: an ability to capture a split-second emotion—a baby’s whip-fast expression, the look of adoration between parent and child—and turn it into a memento.

I have been recognized for my work with several gallery shows and am also available for fine art commission work.

These days my personal life is all about spending time with my partner and our FAVORITE little model, my sweet boy. He “gets to” be my guinea pig for all sorts of portrait work. So far he’s a fairly agreeable subject.

How I Work
Intuition plays a huge role in my process as a photographer. My instinct for what makes a great photo comes from years of experience, and also from a sense of fun. I have a playful nature for color and images. I know the effect I want—and that means I can look at something and know it’s going to be right. I believe this shows in my fine art prints as well as in my family portrait work.

I like taking pictures of people: babies, senior citizens, and everyone in between. I have a knack for creating a comfortable environment and capturing both directed shots and candid moments. Informal portraits, ones done in the comfort of the family home, are a particular favorite of mine. The more familiar children are with their surroundings, the more relaxed they will be. I give kids a chance to come up with their own ideas. One little boy wanted me to take pictures of all his monster faces; this helped him loosen up and act more naturally. His parents had fun trying to choose the best shot.

My Values
• Integrity: I produce high-quality products that deliver on the promises I make.
• Creativity: I honor new ways of understanding and expressing.
• Growth: I look for ways to learn and grow as an individual and as an organization.
• Customer Satisfaction: I treat my clients like royalty and good friends. If you’re happy, I’m happy.
• The Planet: I minimize the negative environmental consequences of my work whenever I can.


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