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Rosemary Ragusa Photography – My favorite captures of the year

Posted by Rosemary Ragusa on December 29th, 2015

After a month of parties, visitors, family outings and gift giving, the house is a mess, everyone has gone home and the bank accounts are depleted. The wonderful thing about photography is that we are always able to go back and relive the fabulous moments of our lives through the images we capture.
Although initially I tried to narrow down my favorite photos of the year list to just five, it proved once again an effort in vain. There were so many moments in 2015 that I captured and want to remember forever. My clients are such generous people, giving me so many wonderful opportunities to mix business with pleasure. I so greatly enjoy capturing my clients and their families as they grow and change, year in and year out, and 2015 was no exception.

Home Life Portraits with three wild boys – SE Portland

Posted by Rosemary Ragusa on December 4th, 2015

Home Life Portraits Brothers

Fun Sibling Portraits

Janet and Darrell are longtime clients who have become great buddies of mine over the years. Not only was I lucky enough to photograph the couple’s wedding, but I’ve also been the family’s photographer for the last few years as their youngest addition, little Atticus, grew from a bun in the oven to the rambunctious and adorable two-year-old he is today.

Family-Portraits - SE Portland Fun Family-Portraits-Portland

03_Family-Portraits-PortlandKid and Family-Portraits-Portland

I’ve photographed the family a few times times over the years, so when Janet and Darrell came to me looking for a new round of Family Portraits to use for gifts this holiday season, I was more than excited to capture the family in their latest seasonal iteration. Because we know each other so well, it was no surprise when I arrived and was greeted by Janet with a chuckling disclaimer that, “We cleaned this room, so this is where we’ll have you photograph us inside.” So funny, and so lovely to know my family portrait clients are comfortable enough with me to know I understand the pace and demands of their bustling family lives well enough to get the picture.


Knowing me, the fam chose a room with great natural light, so it was an ideal space to let their personalities shine! After our indoor shots, we moved outside, where I was able to capture the family laughing and loving each other before taking some individual shots of the boys. I’m so happy to be continually blessed by the business and friendship of this family, and many other clients like them – it’s beyond a blessing to watch these families growing and thriving over the years.

Kid Photos SE PortlandFun Kid Portraitsbaby photos Portland

Fun Home Life Portraits

Home Life Portraits with new baby and his big brother – NE Portland

Posted by Rosemary Ragusa on December 4th, 2015


Sunny and Chad are a lovely Portland couple whose precious family I’ve had the privilege to photograph a couple of times now. Our most recent shoot, a Home Life portrait session at their beautiful home in NE Portland, was a special occasion, as the family welcomed their newest member, an adorable 10-day-old little fellow whose eyes are alive with the wonder and sparkle of newness and life. Sunny and Chad are such proud parents, and it’s easy to see why, with such handsome little guys filling their lives and home with so much joy.



I first photographed the family last year, when Sunny and I met as workout friends and she quickly commissioned me to shoot some portraits of her, Chad and their little boy (check out their adorable photos from last year). Well now that many months have passed, it’s her, Chad and their two little boys, and it was such a thrill to see older brother and baby brother hanging out for the first few days of the little one’s life. Thanks so much to Sunny and Chad for inviting me into their home to capture the family on the dawn of their new era together; I look forward to chronicling this fantastic foursome for many years to come!