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Archive for July, 2015

Kid Portraits – Eastmoreland Park, Portland

Posted by Rosemary Ragusa on July 25th, 2015


I’ve been happily documenting this adorable little gal since she was just a bump.


Here she is as an adorable bump!


Precious little newborn nugget!


And just last year, they change SO much in a year.


And she just keeps getting cuter. Her mom and I met up at Eastmoreland Park for some portraits to commemorate her 2nd birthday!

Yellow balloons were a must, “P’s” favorite color!



Family Portraits at Home

Posted by Rosemary Ragusa on July 21st, 2015

Hello Friends! Oh how I just adore the family I’m blogging about today. I’m lucky enough to say I’ve been photographing the Patney-Wynns family for many years, now! Starting back at Scarlet & Dee’s beautiful wedding in 2008. But that’s nothing… Scarlet and I have been friends since the 1970′s! Back when we were almost as small as these little gals are now!




My first family session with them was in 2013, when there was just little J. Along came baby S and it seems like these sweet girls have SO much fun together.

We all had a blast at this session! Basically, the kids just ran around the house like crazy children (otherwise known as children) and I snapped as many candid portraits as I could. Occasionally getting the attention of one of them for a quick snap of their beautiful eyes straight on.


While still keeping within the time limits that kids of this age have, I was able to spend a good deal of time with the family together and then each girl and I peeled off from the group for some one-on-one time. It was truly a special day with this family and I love the images we were able to capture!






Newborn Portraits at home – Canby, Oregon

Posted by Rosemary Ragusa on July 20th, 2015

It is with so much joy that I help new parents welcome their baby into the world! My (past) neighbors Cheryl & Chris were overjoyed, exhausted, and a little punchy the day I visited them in their new home in Canby to document the early days with their sweet baby girl.




Chris and Cheryl weren’t even fully unpacked in their new home when – surprise! – the wee one arrived a little bit early, in perfect health. Perhaps she could wait no longer to meet her beautiful mama and joke around with her funny dad! We snuggled the gal up in her cozy knits from grandma for some uniquely personal, at home newborn portraits. Who knew a yawn could be so adorable!?



Such a sweet little snuggle bug. I can’t wait to help this family savor more moments at home in the future documentary portraits. Congratulations C&C.

Home Life Family Portraits – Portland, OR

Posted by Rosemary Ragusa on July 19th, 2015

I simply love photographing families at home doing “regular home life” things. Commemorating our everyday lives is a special. It takes a creative eye and a respect for humanity.




Recently, I was called to Ali’s home, where she and her family share their lives, to capture the (seemingly) simple task of baking cookies, however if you’ve ever tried to bake cookies with a toddler and a baby you may be very aware of what a feat it is to accomplish such a production! I just love using photography to document the everyday adventures of life. The cookies were delicious.





Family Portraits welcoming a new baby! – Sauvie Island, Portland

Posted by Rosemary Ragusa on July 18th, 2015

Family Portraits at home - Portland, OR

The Kessi family is one of my favorites. I’ve been photographing Bob & Carrie and clan since Bob & Carrie’s wedding, and they keep making adorable new family members every time I turn around.  Older siblings E & A are so excited about their new little baby, and who wouldn’t be?! Look at that face!

Newborn Portraits at Home - Portland, Oregon

It’s so exciting to photograph a family like the Kessis at home, because watching them grow before my eyes and capturing that evolution through my camera is a true honor. From the two proud parents tying the knot, to welcoming into the world the new little lives of big sister E and big brother A, and all the family portraits in between…now this little bundle of joy, I have been privileged to witness & chronicle the lives of this lovely fivesome for seven years. What a treat!

Kid Photos at home - Portland, OregonChildrens portraits at homeNewborn Portraits Portland, Oregon

Bob and Carrie invited me out to their home on Sauvie Island, a beautiful, warm place where we’ve done several family portrait shoots in the past. Capturing the thrilling newness of life is crucial, and doing so at home in the baby’s and family’s true element is an essential way to find a new little life doing what little ones do best: being themselves! I had so much fun with the Kessi family this time around, and I can’t wait to continue watching as this fabulous five grows up together.

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