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Archive for May, 2013

From baby bump to his first few days in the world and now as an adorable, active 3-month-old, I’ve been lucky enough to photograph precious little baby A every step of the way.  Proud parents Janet & Darrell asked me to document the first year of their new arrival’s life for an eventual photo album we’re putting together, and what a joy it’s been to see these two amazing parents welcome their little boy into the world. It’s only been three months since I photographed baby A‘s newborn portraits, which capture the amazing newness of the first 10 days of life, and already this little guy has grown so much! I met up with Janet and the growing boy at Laurelhurst Park for our session, where baby A and his bright baby blues wasted no time taking center stage, as Janet and I gushed endlessly over his cuteness. Janet is a friend of mine from boot camp, and I also photographed her wedding to the wonderful Darrell awhile back. It’s extra special being able to capture these moments of pure joy for such a dear friend, and I can’t wait to capture the rest of baby’s first year for Janet & Darrell to look back on forever. Considering how much he’s grown in the first three months, I can only image the little person baby A will be at our 6-month session!

Business Portrait Photography – Portland, OR

Posted by Rosemary Ragusa on May 24th, 2013


Chris Goetz is a great guy, both personally and professionally, so of course I was beyond happy to photograph Chris’s latest business headshot, an essential first impression for every businessperson. As a founding partner of CFG Wealth Management, Chris works directly with business owners and their employees to maximize the long-term value of retirement savings plans. Strategic and clear-headed, Chris takes the pressure off his clients by clarifying individual retirement goals to secure the financial futures of plan participants while easing the administrative burden of business owners. I know Chris through a B.N.I. group, and his consummate professionalism was immediately evident. Having also had the pleasure of getting to know him on a personal level (he has an adorable family!), I would recommend Chris in a heartbeat as the perfect navigator for charting daunting waters of retirement planning. He’s got the personal touch and professional know-how to insure the golden years will be golden indeed.

Family Portraits in the Garden – SW Portland, OR

Posted by Rosemary Ragusa on May 23rd, 2013



I always love shooting family portraits when I’m able to best capture the unique, often intangible essence that connects every member of the family, and that dynamic seems to most organically surface when a family is at home together. In their own space, surrounded by familiar comforts and meaningful objects that inform much of every family’s essence, it’s a pretty sure bet that everyone will be most “themselves” during our shoot. One great recent example? Married biotechnology pros Mark & Shaun aren’t just smarter than your average couple; they’re proud parents to two beautiful, funny kids, and the family recently invited me to their gorgeous SW Portland home to shoot a portrait session with the family in their element at home. Perched in the green hills overlooking the Willamette River to the east, with a sprawling yard extending in every other direction, it’s no wonder the family wanted to spend most of our session outside.


Professional Business Portraits – Portland, OR

Posted by Rosemary Ragusa on May 22nd, 2013


One of Portland’s most prominent and multifaceted law firms, Duffy Kekel also happens to be the working home of my friend Vanessa Usui. I met Vanessa a few years ago while working together with Basic Rights Oregon on a commercial for marriage equality.  So, when Vanessa approached me about shooting DK’s latest round of business portraits, I jumped at the chance. Boasting a seriously talented team of attorneys, with specialties including everything from estate planning to mergers & acquisitions and even retirement planning, Duffy Kekel has been around since the 1930′s, when its founding partners left the logging industry to practice law; the rest, as they say, is history.  Prioritizing small-firm values and personable attorneys as the keys to their successful enterprise, Duffy Kekel is the kind of firm that gives lawyers a very good name.

Couple Portraits on the Waterfront: SE Portland, OR

Posted by Rosemary Ragusa on May 21st, 2013


Brad and Adam are a fantastic Portland couple who recently came to me with a very special portrait session request. They’ve been together for several years and their commitment to each other couldn’t be more apparent given how warm and comfortable they are together.  It was really such a special experience capturing these two great gents during golden hour on a gorgeous summery spring evening a few weeks back. We started our session with a lovely stroll along the Eastbank waterfront before heading to a nearby SE neighborhood for the tail end of the shoot.  The end results were totally adorable — no surprise — and I couldn’t be more thrilled considering the purpose of their session. Brad and Adam came to me looking for some fresh new portraits to include in their profile as adoptive parents, a process they recently started and couldn’t be more excited to complete.

Brad & Adam are adopting locally, and as part of the process for an open adoption, prospective parents looking to adopt put together a profile highlighting who they are and what kind of parents they hope to be. Working with an agency to help find a right fit with a birth mom looking for the perfect parents for a new little one in need of a loving home and family, Brad & Adam naturally wanted to have new photos taken together to give the birth mother of their future new baby the best impression possible. It is a real honor being able to contribute to Brad & Adam’s pending parenthood, and I just can’t wait to meet the new arrival when he or she finally comes home to the family they’ve been destined for.