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Archive for April, 2012

Kid Portraits – Portland, OR

Posted by Rosemary Ragusa on April 24th, 2012

Last month my friends Charlene and Mike brought in Mike’s daughter Myah for a portrait session in the studio. She’s such a gorgeous kid to photograph, we had a great time playing with light and expressions. Here are a few of my favorite portraits of Myah from that session.

Baby Portraits – Portland

Posted by Rosemary Ragusa on April 20th, 2012

It’s always so exciting when a friend has a baby! Especially when it’s one of the cutest babies in the world. My pals Marisa & Taiga had this little adorable pumpkin a few months ago and I was so happy that I got to have a portrait session with him before their big move to California. Baby Portraits are fun at any age, but this age just so happens to be my favorite. The window when they are able to pull themselves up and before they can run away from you! And this kids is full of perfectly charming expressions. Gush!




Senior Portraits – Portland, OR

Posted by Rosemary Ragusa on April 19th, 2012

We love this time of year for many reasons, chief among them being that it’s prime time for snapping senior portraits for this year’s crop of soon-to-be graduates. This lovely high school senior is Gracie, who attends Central Catholic High School. We photographed her mom’s wedding last summer on the Oregon Coast, and were thrilled to hear from Gracie about her senior pics! We met downtown at our studio, then moved outside to the Pearl, where Gracie took center stage at Tanner Springs Park. We can’t wait to see what this beautiful teen has in store as she blossoms into the adult she’ll become. Thanks again to Gracie (and her mom!) for being such easy, fun-loving clients!

Personal and Professional Portraits – Portland, OR

Posted by Rosemary Ragusa on April 18th, 2012


Our buddy Kim wanted some updated portraits for her website and some photos of her and her adorable pups! We did it all in this “mixing business with pleasure” portrait session in our downtown studio. I love photographing people and their pets! Pets bring out such a warm, fuzzy side in us.


Also, if you need personal organizing services, check out Kim’s site:¬†http://www.projectorganize.net/

Baby & Family Portraits – Portland, OR

Posted by Rosemary Ragusa on April 13th, 2012


We just can’t get enough of this bouncing baby girl! Little Baby B is the too-cute-for-words offspring of parents Jennifer & Andrew, whose wedding we photographed a couple of years back. We could hardly contain ourselves at the though of how cute their baby would be when they announced they were expecting, and it goes without saying that this precious pumpkin surpassed even the cutest of expectations. Those cheeks! That smile! Those baby blues!! Ahhhh…cute overload!!!